Here comes the game based on DeFi

The DeFi of Thrones team, thought to create a themed game that includes the use of the biggest tokens in this field.

This project is fully integrated in a sector, that of decentralized finance (DeFi), which has seen in these months a monstrous increase both in terms of volumes and in the birth of new projects, not least Travala that will become a collateral for the Bidao BAI stablecoin.

Defi of Thrones concluded a small ICO (Initial Coin Offering), releasing the DOT token. The ICO has raised 201 ETHs, about 85 thousand dollars, 75% of which will be used to put liquidity on Uniswap and will be blocked for 1 year.

The DeFi of Thrones game

Reading the rules of the game we can see that these are quite easy to understand: the user will have to choose one of the 2 suggested DeFi tokens and buy as many tickets as he wants.

The purchase is made using the native DOT token.

In the course of a week you will see which of the 2 tokens will perform best and the user who bet on the best token will win the odds of the losing opponent who would have bet on the wrong horse.

DOT tokens are currently exchanged for 0.00015 ETH.

The DeFi bet

We are talking in practice about a PvP (Player versus Player) game, but also with a betting/gaming dose.

Considering that there are no other operations to be done, players will only have to check at the end of the week if their token was winning or not.

It is interesting to note that the tokens taken into consideration will be more and more, starting with those with a higher capitalization and liquidity, in order to avoid unknown or too risky tokens.

Another factor to take into consideration is that the smart contract of the game will use Crypto Cash oracles to get a reliable and real-time price.

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